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Be Fit. Be Well.
Be Healthy.

Welcome to 1-800-HEALTHY.COM!

I’ve pursued optimum health most of my life. And I know all too well how frustrating and confusing the quest can be. One doctor says “take this.” Another says “take that.” Figuring out what works, and what doesn't, among all the products on the market is a Herculean effort. It’s enough to make you feel like a basket case!

And there’s little to prevent health hucksters from selling you junk… like “miracle” weight loss pills or “funky” fish oil, laden with mercury—with pathetically wimpy levels of healthy omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids. Despite manufacturer claims, the key nutrients and antioxidants in many supplements are not very active—or they're present in such small concentrations that they do little good.

Plus, there are so many choices! And there’s no way to sort out what you like from what's just not right. Wouldn't it be great to simply say, "I want healthier skin," find the best supplement solution, and have it delivered fast, right to your door? Now you can.

Nutrition & Savings Made Easy®

At 1-800-HEALTHY.COM, finding and replenishing your health supplements is a breeze. We deliver doctor recommended health and nutrition solutions to your door—saving you time and money. You get the most exclusive, premium quality brands … free shipping … and big savings of up to 55%. Plus, each selection is backed by our unconditional 365 day money back guarantee and hassle-free return privilege. So, you’ve got nothing to lose… except your ills, horse-pills, and gas bills.

We're different from other online stores. We don't pride ourselves on carrying everything under the sun. We focus on providing ultra-premium quality solutions that surprise and delight. Each must live up to your expectations – and our high standards – by being unique, innovative, and an exceptional value. Many new solutions are being evaluated, but only a fraction will become 1-800-HEALTHY.COM items.

We’re also committed to providing you with “white glove” service. Because we think you should be treated like royalty! As you discover our nutritional supplements, we'll be standing by to help in any way. We’re just a call or click away. And we’d love to help you find what you’re looking for.

Remember to shop with confidence at 1-800-HEALTHY.COM. Your purchases are safe and secure. And your privacy is respected! We guard your personal information with the latest technology from Versign and Trustwave.

Unlike other health, beauty, and fitness retailers, we do not sell your name and street address, email address, or offer your purchase information to any company. That means shopping here will not increase the number of telemarketing calls, spam or junk mail that you receive.

The Golden Rule Rules

It all boils down to the Golden Rule. Practicing the Golden Rule is vital to everything we do. We aim to treat you as we would want to be treated. You matter! Your well-being is important to us. So, you come first.

Excellence is our standard. And we pursue it with enthusiasm! Yet, mistakes happen. My pledge to you is that you’ll find us responsive, quick to resolve problems, and determined to do almost anything (within reason) to help you.

After all, our success is measured by yours. If we ever fall short of your expectations, please give us an opportunity to solve the problem. We’ll make it right—or your money back. Our “Feel Good or It’s Free” 365-Day Money Back Guarantee is your assurance of quality and satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting 1-800-HEALTHY.COM for your nutritional supplements. You can always reach our Customer Service Team by calling 1-800-HEALTHY or emailing support@1800healthy.com. If there’s anything we can do to make your experience better, would you please let us know? We’re grateful for your support.

Yours for an energized life and (always!) optimal health,


Clay Schultz

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer



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