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Discover the difference quality nutrition makes with premium nutritional supplements like Rejuva.

Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee

From the start of a nutritional health discovery through delivery to your doorstep, we’re dedicated to a superior level of quality and satisfaction. 

We're always researching new supplement formulations and nutritional advances to maximize your health.

Our health supplements are made in world-class laboratories. Nutrients are tested for potency, standardization and quality. Tests are also performed during blending, encapsulation, and packaging. 

Finished nutritional supplements are tested for micro bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides to make sure that they are safe for you and the best for your health.

Discover the Benefits of Premium Quality Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements. 

We have the honor of serving health seekers in all 50 states. Perhaps you’ve seen a former Miss America herald the benefits of Rejuva, for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Or, well-known doctors and television personalities praise LifeQ10 for energy. 

Or you’ve seen to a former U.S. presidential candidate praise Vitalive on national television.

Be Part of Our Healthy Community! 

Health focused...active men and women from coast to coast are discovering the benefits of our premium quality nutritional supplements. And they’re recommending them to friends and family. So, why not join us?

Nutrition and Savings Made Easy

The complicated mix of vitamins and nutritional supplements in pharmacies, health food stores and online is confusing. There are literally thousands of supplements to choose from. 

And product quality spans the spectrum. That’s why we’re dedicated to simplifying supplements for you. We focus on offering the most important premium quality nutritional supplements that can make a real difference in how you look and feel. And we back each nutritional supplement we offer with our exclusive Feel Good or It’s Free Money Back Guarantee.

Get Healthy America

More than 150 Million Americans—baby boomers, senior citizens, Hollywood actors and actresses, business professionals, pilots, doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, celebrities, bodybuilders, golfers, tennis players, fitness trainers, professional athletes, expectant mothers and college students—take multiple vitamins and nutritional supplements every day to look, feel, and live better. 

At 1-800-HEALTHY.COM, we’re here to make it easy and affordable.

Quality vitamins is just the beginning. We offer advanced nutritional formulations and pure additive-free supplements like: 

  • Rejuva: The world's #1 nutritional supplement brand for hair, skin and nail health. This internal cosmetic is a daily capsule that supports facial rejuvenation from the inside out.  
  • Optichol: The natural alternative for cholesterol health. Helps to lower cholesterol naturally. 
  • Vitalive: The only multi-nutrient that provides the antioxidant power of 35 servings of fruits and vegetables - every day! 
  • Triomega: World's #1 Omega-3 brand. Omega-3 oils are essential fatty acids that play a key role in a host of bodily functions. Because they are stored in many different types of cells, Omega-3's are vital to the health of your heart, joints, brain and central nervous system.  

The Nutrition Authority: 1-800-HEALTHY.COM.

Discover better nutrients. Enjoy better health. 



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