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Use good heart nutrition for cholesterol and more

Power up with good heart nutrition. Discover the new CoQ10 supplements, good cholesterol nutrition, omega-3 solutions and more. Support healthy blood pressure. Revitalize your life!

Give Your Heart Nutrition It Needs and Nourish Your Whole Body

Your heart moves nutrients around your entire body. When it's not getting the right nourishment and can't do its job, your entire body suffers.

Your heart is the hardest working muscle in the body.

Think about it – This fist-size muscle moves your blood through 100,000 miles of blood vessels. (that's about 4 times around the equator!)

And it can't take a single break – your life depends on it.

Your heart is the engine behind your body's transportation system. It brings oxygen to the brain, nutrients to muscles. It carries urgent messages – hormones – from cell to cell. It transports armies to fend off invaders and carries trash out.

If this transportation stops . . . or even slows down . . . your whole body suffers.

Heart Nutrition Is Cholesterol Nutrition And Much More:

Two things in particular can slow this tremendous pumper down.

  1. When your heart has to work too hard to move things around . . . And . . .
  2. When your heart doesn't get the nutrients it needs.

Gunked up blood vessels means your heart has to pump extra hard to push the blood around. It's like instead of pushing a shopping cart, you had to move a wheelbarrow full of concrete blocks. You'd probably give up pretty quick, sit on the ground and wipe the sweat off your forehead. That's how your heart feels.

Keeping your blood cholesterol levels healthy and preventing oxidation of cholesterol can help to keep those transportation ways clear. Special nutrients, like antioxidants and phytosterols, found in heart supplement Optichol help you manage your cholesterol through nutrition.

Find out how heart health supplement Optichol can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Inflammation also stops up the flow. It's been linked to arterial plaque build-up and thickening artery walls. Omega-3 fatty acids help calm your body's inflammation response to keep your blood vessels healthy.

In fact Omega-3's are so important for heart health, the American Heart Association recommends supplementing with them. Chomega fish oil softgels contain pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fatty acids with a choline supplement to make the omega-3's easier to absorb.

A poorly nourished heart can't do much work either. How do you feel after eating a doughnut? Energized? Or ready to plop on the couch? Your non-stop blood pump, your heart, needs good and consistent energy nutrition, too.

Among the nutrients your heart craves is a particular energizer, CoQ10. Each cell uses this nutrient in its mitochondrion to create energy. And a hard-working muscle like your heart just gobbles it up. But there's a kind of CoQ10 which is easier for your heart to use. LifeQ10's special CoQ10 softgels are like an "energy vitamin" for your heart.

Finally, with all the free radicals generated by its energy-consumption, your heart needs extra antioxidant power to fend them off. With Vitalive's antioxidant multivitamin you get more antioxidants than just about all other daily vitamins.

So give your heart nutrition it's craving. Use smart cholesterol nutrition tactics . . . but go further. Best of all, when you treat your heart in a wholesome way, it will in turn take care of your whole body.

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