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The Ultimate All-in-One Nutritional Combo. Save Big!

Vitalive makes a healthy living easy. And HealthPak makes it even easier! Includes a month's supply of Vitalive, LifeQ10 and Chomega. You gain nutritional power for a more youthful, energized, and focused life. Save 40%! Plus FREE Shipping. Watch HealthPak Video

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"Refill Rewards puts our health and savings on auto-pilot."

Save 10% with Refill Rewards – A Free Service to Help You Get Healthy!
Refill Rewards helps us forecast our inventory and we pass the savings on to you. Get 10% off Refill Rewards orders—today and in the future. Enjoy regular delivery of the supplements you use every day.

Here’s how it Works...
Fresh supplements arrive at your door—right on time, exactly when you want them. No remembering to order. No running out. With one less thing to keep track of, you’ll have more time to enjoy the good life. Say goodbye to the hassles of reordering. And lock in your savings.

You’re the Boss!
With Refill Rewards your satisfaction is guaranteed, because:

  • You’re covered by our Privacy Policy, Hassle-Free Return Privilege and 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee;
  • Your credit card is never billed until your order is shipped;
  • Your next refill date is printed on your packing slip for easy reference;
  • You can pause, cancel, or change your delivery date, at any time, for any reason, simply by calling 1-800-HEALTHY or emailing support@1800healthy.com.

If you’re ready to take your health … and your savings … to the next level, you’re ready for Refill Rewards. Just select the Refill Rewards checkbox now when ordering through our safe and secure website.

Discover the Benefits:

  • Save an extra 10% … on all Refill Rewards orders.
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  • Receive exclusive money-saving offers and FREE samples.
  • Get your supplements replenished every 30, 90 or 180 days (depending on the quantity you select).

We Deliver. You Save!
Get started! Select the Refill Rewards checkbox or call 1-800-HEALTHY (1-800-432-5849). We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Fast & FREE Shipping
In-Stock & Delivered in 3 Days

Get Satisfaction—Guaranteed.

1-800-HEALTHY.COM is the only leading health site that offers an ironclad 365-day guarantee of satisfaction. Others would like you to believe they're actually doing you a favor by offering you a 30-day guarantee. The problem is that 30 … or even 60 days, isn’t always enough time to know if you're going to see meaningful benefits. You may need 90 days or more. And 1-800-HEALTHY gives you a full year! Isn’t that more like it? This is not a guarantee you should question. Your satisfaction is guaranteed—or your money back. How can we afford to offer this zero-risk guarantee? It’s because our customers keep coming back time and again.

The 1-800-HEALTHY.COM Advantage:

  • Fast Service
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The 1-800-HEALTHY.COM Promise:

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Nutrition For Optimum Health Just Got Even Easier!

Your life is busy enough as it is. That's why we created Vitalive – to make optimum nutrition easy.

So you can spend more time enjoying the rewards of good health, and less time worrying about it.

But even Vitalive's extensive formula – with 100 nutrients – misses a few that can keep you even healthier.

Our HealthPak makes it even easier to get even better nutrition.

Each HealthPak contains a month's supply of:

  • Vitalive – Your ultimate feel good bodyguard. A multinutrient packed with 100 different nutrients with more antioxidants than any other multivitamin on the market.
  • LifeQ10 – The best, easiest to absorb form of Co-enzyme Q10. LifeQ10 provides your heart and your entire body with the molecular "spark plug" for energy production.
  • Chomega – This carefully calibrated mixture of choline and omega-3 fatty acids provides your brain with all the nutrition it needs to keep your mind sharp and your moods bright.

By combining these three supplements on a daily basis, you get all the nutrition you need to stay energized, focused and healthy.

But just as each of these supplements are formulated to work optimally in your body, they also work better together:

  • Even more antioxidant protection. Vitalive's alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant, and LifeQ10's CoQ10 energize each other. Also, CoQ10 acts as a backup for antioxidant Vitamin E.
  • Even more energy. Our customers love the healthy energy they get from LifeQ10. And Vitalive's antioxidants give you even more. In fighting free-radicals, Vitalive also fights one of the sources of fatigue. Vitalive's Siberian ginseng also nourishes your adrenal glands to give you even more support for healthy energy.
  • Even better mood. Chomega's omega-3 fatty acids already work well to keep your mind and mood healthy. But Vitalive's green tea extract adds to this. A recent large-scale study in Japan found that drinking 5 cups of green tea a day combated psychological stress. Vitalive contains the equivalent of 12 cups of green tea.
  • Lose more weight. The green tea in Vitalive and Chomega's omega-3's have both been linked to helping with weight loss. And LifeQ10's CoQ10 has recently been shown to help support liver health, reducing the inflammation associated with too much weight.
  • Give your immune system even more support. Dr. David Nieman, DrPH of the Human Performance Lab in North Carolina reported to Prevention Magazine that the combination of quercetin and green tea (found in Vitalive) and fish oil (found in Chomega) work even better together to keep your immune system healthy and combat free radical damage.
  • Get more out of each nutrient. The omega-3 fatty acids in Chomega help your body absorb even more of some of the fat-soluble nutrients found in Vitalive like Vitamin D, Vitamin E, mixed carotenoids, and lutein.

Taking these three supplements together gives your body even more benefits than if you took them alone . . .

Now, how about getting these extra benefits for less?

When you purchase these three together in a HealthPak, you get 40% off the total price.

And if you choose to go with our autoship plan, Refill Rewards, you get an additional 10% off.

That's a total of 50% savings for more convenience, more nutrition, and more health benefits!

And each of these supplements comes with our 365-day money-back guarantee.

Now this kind of savings for a ready-made nutrition plan is not one to pass over lightly. Get your HealthPak today and see how much easier feeling good can get.


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