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Use this hair, skin and nails supplement to wake up glowing with health

"Anti-Aging Antioxidants and key nutrients can boost your health and youthfulness at any age. Discover why you need a hair, skin and nails vitamins supplement."

Want Beautiful Hair, Skin And Nails? Supplement To Nourish Your Beauty From The Inside Out

The right hair, skin, and nails vitamins and nutrients can bring you good health and good looks.

Healthy skin is not just a matter of beauty. It's a matter of good health.

Think about it.

Your skin is all that's between you and the rest of the big bad world. The drying air, the unseen toxins and microbes floating around you, heat, cold – Your skin protects you from all of this.

It's also one of your major sources of information about your environment. Your body is constantly recalibrating based on what your skin picks up through the millions of nerves woven through it.

So skin care is not just a vanity thing. (Although looking good certainly has its perks.)

Nourish Your Hair, Skin, And Nails - Supplement And See The Results

The best thing is that healthy skin also means beautiful skin. But to achieve this you have to protect your skin against these threats:

(Hint: Many of the same tips go for nails and hair as well.)

  • Inflammation. Your skin is on the frontline. And sometimes the environmental toll it takes shows in the form of redness, pimples and uneven skin tone. Proper nourishment can help your skin recover faster from these attacks and heal. Curcumin, from the spice turmeric has been shown to be one of the most effective nutrients for curbing inflammation.
  • Nutrient-depletion. Your skin also reacts to what is going on inside your body. Without enough nutrients, your body is more vulnerable to health problems that show themselves in your skin. Traditional forms of healing like Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine use skin tone, as well as the condition of hair and nails, for diagnosis.
  • Free Radical Damage/Oxidation. Like most of your body's tissues, your skin is exposed to free radicals created by ordinary chemical reactions inside you. But skin tissue also has to contend with the free radicals from outside, like those created by UV exposure and pollution.

Vitalive is a powerful antioxidant multivitamin with inflammation fighters like curcumin. But it goes beyond antioxidants. With over 100 nutrients, it gives you all your daily vitamins and much more. Many of our customers remark on how their skin tone has improved after taking Vitalive.

  • The final attack on skin – and all your connective tissue - is dehydration. Why does your skin wrinkle? Not enough moisture and weakened connective tissue may be the culprit. Restoring moisture to your skin can smooth out wrinkles and even out a poor complexion.
  • But getting moisture inside your skin can be a challenge. Skin supplement Rejuva uses hyaluronic acid to help your skin pull moisture in and hold on to it, giving your skin suppleness and a healthy glow.

Remember, these same principles for skin care extend to your hair and nails. Proper nutrition and moisture retention give you lustrous, strong nails and thick, shiny hair.

So protect your body's protective coverings - your hair, skin and nails. Supplement with the right vitamins and other nutrients. Keep your hair and nails shiny and strong, your skin smooth and flawless . . . Feed them properly with Vitalive's superior nutrition and Rejuva's moisture-retaining nourishment.

So give your body's protective sheath, your skin - as well as your hair and nails - a healthy, beautiful look. Feed them properly with Vitalive's superior nutrition and Rejuva's moisture-retaining nourishment.

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The Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamin

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