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The right energy nutrition will keep you dancing all night long.

Supplement your health with energy nutrition. Get energy vitamins and supplements. Glide on the dance floor. Dance healthy my friend. 

Use Energy Nutrition To Stop the Energy Crisis Inside of You

Dragging your feet? Your body needs some tender loving care starting with the right energy vitamins and nutrients...

We're in an energy crisis.

No, this is not about oil or gas prices. The crisis is inside our bodies.

We are trying to do too much with too little sleep. Too much stress and not enough nourishment. Too busy with not enough time to stop, breathe and enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, most of us turn to quick fixes to this problem – sugar and caffeine. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, an expert in chronic fatigue and energy depletion, calls these two ingredients "energy loan sharks". The interest they charge your body after giving you a quick energy high is devastating: Poor sleep, hormonal imbalance, poor blood sugar metabolism and more.

There are no easy fixes to this crisis. The solution lies in restoring balance in your life – better and more sleep, better nutrition, less stress, less to-do's and more unstructured down-time.

Better Energy Nutrition Can Give You More Zip In A Number Of Ways...

  • Your heart, the main engine for your entire body needs specific nutrition, especially the nutrient CoQ10. We make less and less of this as we get older. LifeQ10's special CoQ10 softgels power your heart up like a super healthy energy vitamin. Better yet, LifeQ10's CoQ10 is in the easiest form for your heart to use.
  • Good nutrition can also help us get better sleep. Adequate levels of the minerals calcium and magnesium not only help in the production of energy but also in relaxing your nerves and muscles so you can sleep better too. OstiCare's liquid calcium magnesium supplement gives you the dreamy sleep you need, while feeding your bones as well. All you have to do is mix the calcium powder pack in your favorite drink and . . . Relax . . .
  • Antioxidants, found in fruits and vegetables, neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced through normal metabolic processes. They wreak havoc in your body as they take electrons from other molecules in your body in their quest to find stability. The wear and tear these molecules cause inside you translate into the fatigue you feel. While you can get lots of antioxidants from a good diet, an antioxidant multivitamin helps ensure you get all you need.
  • Important vitamins and minerals play key roles in your energy metabolism. For example: B-vitamins act as co-enzymes in numerous chemical reactions involved in energy production and nerve health. And we absorb them less and less as we age. The mineral magnesium is necessary for production of ATP, your body's energy currency.
  • Adaptogenic herbs, like Siberian Ginseng, can help your body deal with stress. Siberian Ginseng is one of a class of herbs known as adaptogens that help your body recalibrate hormone levels, blood sugar metabolism and more in response to stress. Adaptogenic herbs have a long tradition of use associated with long life, increased energy and excellent health.

Both of these are included in Vitalive's multinutrient capsules.

While taking daily vitamins alone won't give you energy, nutrition is like the fuel in your tank. So put together a regimen of energy vitamins and nutrients, combined with some good sleep and more exercise and watch your pace pick up.

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