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Nutrition Supplements Reviews & Health Testimonials

Hello 1-800-HEALTHY, I just wanted to say “thanks” for your service. I’ve had a hard time finding vitamins and supplements that work for me. Some would hurt my stomach, or I just didn’t feel a difference. But you all really make it easy to see what works. The Vitalive and Chomega have been a big help for me and my daughter. Even my husband takes the Vitalive every day because he feels better at work especially in the afternoons when he used to get so sleepy. I’m so glad I finally found something he will take but he feels the difference. I will share my good experience with friends.


Thank you for upgrading my shipping and for giving us the free sample and encouraging note for my mother. That was thoughtful and I want you to know how much I appreciate you kindness.


Every time I order from 1-800-HEALTHY it’s a sure thing. Your customer service is great when I have questions. As a busy mom, I love the convenience. It doesn’t matter where I am, I just click my email or call 1-800-HEALTHY when I need my supplements. Thanks for being so helpful.


Every time I call, your customer service people are very helpful. But today I was surprised to receive a hand written thank you note for my order. Thanks for treating customers so nicely.


Hello, a quick note to say thanks for the great supplements and shipment time. The LIFE coq10 has given me LOTS more endurance for workouts. I don’t get fatigued nearly as fast. Every time I place an order I get it 2 days later. I know I can trust your quality. I’m very pleased and telling my friends about your new website!


The quality of the brands you have is simply awesome. In this day and age it is very hard to find people who care about service and quality. Well let me too you, you go above and beyond.


I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your service. My sister is blind but wanted to learn more about 1-800-HEALTHY products because she heard about them on the Living the Life show on ABC television. Most companies would have just told her that they didn’t have a way to help her. You created a complete guide especially for her with Braille transcription. Thank you for your dedication to helping others.


I often watched Lynn on Living the Life and saw Dr. Robertson talk about Vitalive on the 700Club. That was some time ago. I love your new site and enjoy learning about the nutrients that you provide. But I’d like to see more TV updates. Meanwhile, I feel like I can make smart choices on your site and will order here often.


Dear 1-800-Healthy, How very kind of you to do the research for us and to find what we are looking for and then to provide us with a link. You have totally redefined “easy” and I am glad to be one of your many happy customers and recommend you to friends.


Thank you so much for giving my order free shipping and a priority upgrade! I didn’t expect that. You all make it very easy to find the vitamins that help me feel good. I couldn’t be happier with an online company. I’ll tell my friends. Thanks again.


I have been taking vitamins, herbs and nutritional supplements for years. Never have I experienced such high quality products, combined with quick delivery and a customer service department that exemplifies putting my needs first. I’m going to Facebook to let others know. Thanks!




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