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"Help your patients improve their health with premium quality nutritional supplements. Discover Vitalive, LifeQ10, Triomega and more."

Partner Information

Our Business Development Team is responsible for growing the company through strategic partnerships, new initiatives, and product development. They play a vital role in ensuring the continued growth of our company as well as that of our partners. Our goal is to always meet our partners' needs by leveraging 1-800-HEALTHY.COM’s innovative applications, distribution, and marketing and media platforms.

Growing Together

1-800-HEALTHY.COM has developed substantial intellectual property, unique communications assets, plus highly desirable brand development and marketing capabilities designed to bring health innovations to life. Part of our long term vision includes leveraging these assets via partnerships with organizations whose capabilities and objectives are synergistic with our own—groups that view the world of wellness in the same way as we do. If your organization wants to grow through a partnership, collaboration, or licensing agreement with a recognized leader in the natural products industry, let's talk about we can leverage our collective strengths—to our mutual benefit. Let’s bring health to life for more people.

Health Professionals

Help your patients get healthy with our "Nutrition and Savings Made Easy" referral program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Check off your top recommendations on your Nutritional Supplement Rx pad and provide your patient with instant savings  
  2. Give away free nutrition guides which give your patients access to free samples and exclusive discounts 
  3. Rest assured that when you patients call 1-800-HEALTHY or visit www.1800healthy.com for their supplements, they’ll receive “white glove” service with our Feel Good or It’s Free Money Back Guarantee.

Help your patients. Help yourself. To learn more, call the 1-800-HEALTHY Customer Service Team (1-800-432-5849) or send an email to support@1800healthy.com. We look forward to serving you and your patients.

Affiliate Program

The 1-800-HEALTHY.COM Affiliate Program can help you:

  • Earn steady income by helping your friends enjoy free shipping and big savings of up to 70% on the best of health and nutrition
  • Turn your website, blog, email list, Facebook page or profile page on another social network into health resource 
  • Get up and running … fast, quick, and easy!

Learn more by clicking on the Affiliate Program link.

If you want to develop a specialized promotional campaign or joint venture, please direct your inquiry to support@1800healthy.com

Vendor Relations

Thanks for contacting us. We’re always looking for unique health-related GroupBuys and innovative wellness items that will delight our customers. If your product meets the criteria listed, please complete the product submission form today. We look forward to exploring the possibilities. To be considered, your product must offer demonstrable advantages. It must be clearly beneficial to a well defined mass of consumers and offer genuine value.

Please return the completed submission form and other requested information to the address provided.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

1-800-HEALTHY.COM does not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements related to product submissions. We simply cannot guarantee that we have not previously or are not currently working on a product or idea that is similar to yours. We suggest that you send us any product information that does not give away your trade secrets.



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