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Use bone vitamins, calcium and other nutrients for a strong future filled with tender moments

Bone vitamins, calcium and other minerals like magnesium make strong bones. Your bones fuel your greatness as a professional, a provider. Bone health nutrients help you stay active and independent. Pure calcium and magnesium supplements help you rest at night and manage stress at work. 

Good Bone Vitamins, Calcium and Other Nutrients Allow You To Live Gracefully In a Well-Built House

Feeding your body's architecture – your bones and joints – with the right nutrients like particular bone vitamins, calcium, and magnesium can make all the difference in your quality of life.

Your body is where you live.

Your house, the town or city you live in, the state, even the country – all affect the quality of your life.

But when it comes down to it, your body is your home – and has the most immediate impact on how good your life is.

And key to your body-home's ability to shelter you and take you through life is the strength of its architecture – your skeleton.

Until about the age of 30, your body is busy building your bones and storing away its most important construction material – calcium. At around 30, your body stops adding to the calcium supply and only replenishes it.

Your bones store calcium and its partner mineral, magnesium, not only for bone-building but for the rest of the body as well. These two minerals are used all over the body - from muscle contractions, to nerve communications to maintaining blood pressure.

Your whole body draws on these calcium stores in your bones.

And when you don't replenish these stores adequately, the minerals your bones need do not get replaced. Instead of solid bones, your bones become riddled with holes like termite-eaten beams in a house.

Furthermore, when your body builds shoddy bone material, your joints are affected, too. The tendons, cartilage and nerves in your joints rub against these ill-formed bones and become inflamed, making joint movement uncomfortable.

Replenish Your Bones and Joints With Specific Vitamins, Calcium And Other Nutrients For Graceful Living

Protect your bones and your joints with a good supply of the necessary construction materials – specific bone vitamins like vitamin D and C, calcium, magnesium, potassium. Osti-Care contains all these good bone-builders in one easy to take calcium powder packet. Just mix it in your drink and you've got a liquid calcium and magnesium supplement with all the extra nutrients you need. It's a cinch to drink down.

And then to keep your architecture swinging smoothly, give your joints proper nutrition, too. Like vitamin C for cartilage building and hyaluronic acid. The skin supplement Rejuva gives you smooth as silk joint movement with these nutrients. (And Rejuva rejuvenates your skin – wrinkle-free – with these nutrients as well!)

Finally, nutrients like curcumin from turmeric and omega-3 fatty acids can bring more help to your joints by reducing inflammation. Omega-3's also help your body absorb Vitamin D, which in turn helps your body absorb calcium.

Vitalive antioxidant multivitamin provides you with inflammation-fighting antioxidants like curcumin while Chomega provides you with some of the best joint-lubricating fish oil softgels around.

This nutrition for bones – vitamins, calcium and more – will keep your joints and bones strong, stable and mobile for years to come.

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