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Dr. Christine Lydon Answers Your Questions!

Dear Health Enthusiast,

Illness isn’t natural. Wellness is!

Sickness may seem like a natural part of life … until you consider how much of it we create for ourselves, by not taking good care. By doing things we shouldn’t. Or by avoiding things that can help!

The good news is that much aging is optional. You don’t have to simply unravel, feel fatigued and grow old. You can look and feel fantastic at any age—when you are healthy.

I’ve devoted my life to wellness education. Let me take you by the hand. I’ll teach you about nutrition, exercise, supplements, and healthy solutions for weight loss. As a medical doctor, fitness personality and physique model, I’ve been fortunate to learn what works. And I’m constantly learning. If you place your confidence in me, and our team, you have my personal promise that we’ll move heaven and earth to help you look, feel and live healthy.

So, let’s get started.

My first recommendation is to get your free subscription to The Healthy Herald. If you’re already a subscriber, congrats! This newsletter is like a “how to” guide. You’ll get answers and inspiration. Learn from leading fitness trainers, celebrities and everyday people! See exclusive video interviews with top anti-aging doctors and much more! Don’t miss out. Simply enter your name and email in the form located near the top of the homepage. Click “Sign Up Now” and you’re done.

Important: Wouldn’t it feel great to help someone else get healthy? I believe the ultimate purpose of life is to help others. If you agree, please share The Healthy Herald with your friends and family. And use our SHARE button to tell your friends about solutions for a better life.

Let’s get your health on. We welcome your questions!

Healthy regards,

Christine Lydon, MD

Dr. Lydon is a graduate of Yale Medical School and the author of Ten Years Thinner and Look Hot, Live Long. She has served as a nutrition and fitness consultant to housewives, firefighters, and Hollywood celebrities like supermodel Carre Otis and Quentin Tarantino. Dr. Lydon now devotes herself to motherhood and teaching others how to become leaner, healthier, and younger.



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