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Aging is almost optional with good nutrition. Discover how the right nutritional supplements can help you live younger longer.

Are You Only Ten Years Old?

Find out how good nutrition, plus anti-aging supplements and vitamins, can keep you almost that young.

How old are you?

Well there are several ways to look at this...

  • How many years have you been around on this planet?
  • How old do you feel and think of yourself?
  • How old is your body, biologically speaking?

The first definition of age – the one we use the most - is probably the least relevant one of all. More and more, health experts are learning that age is really hard to pin down. It can slow down and even be reversed by proper diet (which should include anti-aging supplements) and exercise. And certainly, your outlook on life impacts your overall health…including your biological age.

In fact, one of the best definitions of age may be one by nutrition expert Dr. Richard Passwater: Aging is a reduction in the number of healthy cells in the body.

Using this definition, two processes determine how old you are:

  1. How well your body renews itself; and
  2. How well your body protects itself.

In fact, even a newborn baby isn't brand new. A baby's cells and body are really only the recycled atoms and cells of its parents and the world around it. It's just that at that "age", our bodies are very good at renewing materials...and a baby hasn't been exposed to too many hazards yet.

Fast forward to adulthood and your body is still renewing itself. Stem cell biologist, Dr. Jonas Frisen from Karolinska Institute in Sweden, used a carbon-dating process to measure the age of various parts of the body. He found that the average adult body, is overall, only 7-10 years old..

The lining of your gut is only 5 days old. Your skin is only 2 weeks old. Your red blood cells a few months and your liver only just over a year old. In fact, your entire skeleton is at most only 10 years old.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of "Ageless Body Timeless Mind", notes that within a year 98% of the atoms in your body will have been replaced with new ones..

Are you interested in aging gracefully? It’s possible! As you’ve just learned, your body is really not that old. What makes you feel old, is this...

Your body is constantly replacing old cells with new ones, because they get worn out and damaged. To do so, your body uses the instruction manual that comes with each cell – your DNA.

But over time this booklet can get a little dog-eared. With unclear instructions, the renewal process produces substandard replicas of the original cells.

When you combine this cell replication with poor nutrition, mistakes can be made by your body. These mistakes – which can be miniscule at first – accumulate. If you want to live longer, healthier and enjoy aging well, even gracefully, please read on.

Over time you start aging according to Dr. Passwater's definition. You rebuild less of your cells to spec. Your body has less healthy cells.

However, there are ways to both protect your cells better and facilitate the renewal process with nutrition. Anti-aging supplements and vitamins can also provide essential healthy nutrients:

Vitalive contains a full spectrum of nutrients, including more anti-aging antioxidants than any other multinutrient on the market.

  • These antioxidants neutralize free radicals, some of the most destructive molecules around.
  • Some antioxidants - like green tea, grape seed extract, resveratrol, turmeric, N-Acetyl-cysteine and alpha lipoic acid – are particularly important for protecting cellular materials from free-radical damage. Some of these antioxidants also keep your DNA healthy.
  • Bioflavanoids like hesperidin, rutin and quercetin keep your blood vessels youthfully supple.
  • And "smart nutrients" like inositol and choline keep your brain in top-notch shape.

Rejuva provides your body with nourishment for free-swinging joints and youthful skin. Its hyaluronic acid is essential for holding water inside your body's tissues and producing collagen.

Chomega provides you with additional brain food, nourishing your brain with high quality omega-3 fatty acids and choline. And it reduces damaging inflammation.

Osti-Care, your complete bone construction kit, provides you with all the bone-building minerals you need. So you can be on schedule for a sturdy and complete skeleton overhaul within the 10-year timeframe.

But the most challenging organ to keep young is your heart. Dr. Frisen estimates that at best, during your lifetime only 50% of your heart cells are renewed. So it's critical to nourish them and give them extra care. Vitalive's rich antioxidants like resveratrol provide extra heart protection. LifeQ10 provides your heart with the nutrient essential for feeding its mitochondria power plants – Coenzyme Q10 – in the most easily absorbable form.

Provide your body with the nourishment it needs along with regular exercise, and not only can you live longer, you can live well while aging gracefully.

To find out more about these anti-aging supplements and vitamins for healthy living click on the tabs below.

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